Each person has a specific pathway that can only be defined and charted in a one-to-one consultation with a legitimate psychic or astrologer.  We have all experienced days when everyone seems to agree:  "Everything is slowing down today, I keep running into obstacles."  Or, "Things are moving so fast.  I can't keep up with all these new options."  This column will give you the pace of the day, objectives, ways to grow and things to avoid.


                                       9-11-2015...An act of God
As always, American security was on alert on 9-11-2015. Fortune had it that the only disaster happened in Mecca. A huge construction crane crashed onto the Mosque, killing over a hundred and seriously injuring over 300. It was a ten second News item. None of the reporters mentioned that the Mosque was built by Osama bin Laden's father.

                                       2015 as I see it:
    This is a year of Business expansion, international commerce, startups.  Health breakthroughs.  The hardest months are January, August and October.                                                                               

    Saw an AD in a Tech Magazine a few years ago, don't remember the product, but it was prophetic...WW I
                   WW II

                                                                                                                                 June '10
     We are living in a time when physics is confirming what ancient Metaphysical precepts knew. Science and religion seem to agree more. Let me add some of my own observations:
  The Big Bang Theory...The Hebrew Bible states that..."darkness was upon the face of the deep...And God said 'Let there be light'. And there was light"
Evolution..."Rebecca conceived...there were twins in her womb. And the first came forth ruddy, all over like a hairy mantle..." (that was Esau, a hunter)...And Jacob was a quiet man and dwelling in tents" (civilized). Humanity moved from crude,impulsive hunter to smart, spiritual Sheppard.
E=MC(squared)...My take is the...
  Eternal, Enlightened, Evolutionary, Enabling, Energy = Mass Creativity Scudded

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           AN ACT of WAR
                                                           with some scenes
      Scene 1

joe: I want to talk about war, because I...
moe: Wait, wait, hold on there, I come to this blog for intuitive, spiritual, psychic stuff...
joe: Because we are at war and...
moe: That's news to me, charlie, where did you hear that?
joe: It's everywhere and...
moe: Last year you got very political and people had objections, even your wife winced and said that this blog wasn't the place for that.
joe: last year was a political year and even Aristotle, who was a very spiritual philosopher said that..."Man is by nature a political animal."
moe: Yeah, yeah....I know that your proud that this blog is Ad free...So...what in HELL are you pitching now...?
joe: We could start by taking a look at your belligerence to my saying what I have to say...I remember a time not so long ago when people of opposing stands could discuss or even debate intelligently about their differences without smearing the other person with ad hominem attacks...Discuss content rather than smear...
moe: !@#$%?&%$!!!! ( Exits in a huff )
joe:Good riddance to bad ham...I am alone...we are each of us alone in a let me war or not to war, that is the question...

We start with war on ourselves. I think life is an on going attempt at resolving our ambivalence.
Pogo said, " I have met the enemy and it is us."
What we think is different than what we feel is different than what we say...
Mystical Islamists have said that jihad is an act on our selves, to do battle with our negative tendencies...
New thought suggests owning our dark side...
The Spiritual Warrior doesn't attack mindlessly, but is ever ready to defend...
And the true martyr does not attack, it is a passive act, to stand  by a belief even when confronted by immanent death...

moe: (Enters) !@#$%&*! You still on war?
joe: Will it ever end?
moe: You're the psychic, you tell me!
joe: We have to begin with our selves, as the song invites, "Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me."
moe:ahuminahuminahum...( Exits )
joe: "Alone again, naturally" ( he smiles and closes his eyes...lights dim slowly to out)

   Scene 2
Lights up fast and harsh. joe is sitting before a mirror removing his makeup...

joe:...and then there are the conflicts between friends, family members, young and old, parent and child...
The battle of the sexes, which is more intense in US because we are a highly competitive culture and we have undergone an awakening evolution...and we don't always know how to handle the new possibilities...
...elsewhere women are more repressed, culturally chained into role playing, treated as property, hidden away to avoid covetousness, jealousy and suspicion----after all, men can't be relied upon to own their feelings, let alone come to grips with their impulses. In some of these cultures, if you can't afford to buy a bride your sexuality is bound to explode in the promise of 72 virgins...hang out with boys and a bellicose clergy can result in murder/war...Like a rapist who can't take responsibility for his feelings...
They are threatened by the freedoms achieved in the First World, I gather...May they end up with a 72 year old virgin...In Hell...

Every city state and nation has a west and an east , a north and a south with all sorts of and poor, feelings and beliefs of religious superiority...
In gang life there are wars between streets...
Don't let it depress you, just look at Hubble photos. The Universe is awesome and beautiful but exceedingly dangerous and violent...just like this world...
It's written into the script...

The Afghan war is the first Just war since WW II, sometimes war is unavoidable and even necessary...we are at war and what we need is to fight it smarter, with special forces, international police action and electronically, not just send in the troops and materiel.
We Americans won the Revolution because we weren't regimented like the Redcoats...
we learned guerrilla warfare from our Native Americans...we are now fighting like the Redcoats against a guerrilla army...we need new ways to deal with these undeveloped mentalities, who still live in the past...
By the way, the word assassin is of Arabic derivation.
We are at war and we need to understand that and own it...and, perhaps work for peace starting with ourselves...

Lights dim slowly. joe slowly exhaunts exhausted. Blackout.

                                                                                                                               DEC. 6,2009
  I want to shelve two thousand twelve. I first learned about the Mayan calendar in 1984. At that time it was dated 12-23-'12, I don't know when that was changed to the 21st. People started talking about a harmonic convergence on Aug. 16, 1987. That day was conjectured to be the midpoint of a final cycle that would end in 2012. That was the last cycle within a larger cycle the Mayans entitled the "Hell Years". This Hell cycle started around the time of Cortez' invasion of Mexico, which is why the Aztecs weren't shocked by the sudden appearance of the violent Spaniards, it's almost as if they expected it... We certainly have had a hellish history since then.
  The Harmonic Convergence was to be a turning point, when the hell years would give up to new possibilities on Earth. Many meditated for Peace. Newspeople were their usual tongue in cheek, skeptical selves. Yet, dramatic events unfolded since then, like the end of the USSR, the Berlin wall came down, the European Union was started, technology expanded at an ever escalating speed, even time seemed to go faster...A year was packed with a decade of history, a decade with a century of history...
  In short, 2012 is to be the beginning of a new and positive cycle...let us pray.
However, I want to conclude with two intuitions I've had...As I mentioned on radio's " Coast to Coast with George Noory" many months before NASA's prediction, that the Sun would be highly active  that year and that Sun flares could knock out satellites and seriously hurt our communications and electric grids. The second thing, I peeked at where I was going to be and then family members and then picked a number of past clients to see if there was confirmation...and what I saw in everyone's life path was a holding pattern in progress of all sorts between mid October of 2012 to mid Feb. of 2013. That does not mean death of people or the Earth going through movie blockbuster special affects...It means a segue, a transition period, with wisdom and human ingenuity it could open a positive and hopeful cycle for humanity. 2012 will, however, be a dramatic year. No harm in having extra food, medicines, water, batteries and other supplies at home and in our vehicles, even if it is only because of Mother Nature's temper flaring up. It is smart to do that, anyway.

A client knocked me out with a comment I want to share: "You've gotta get out of the box to see the instructions."
Yup, we are born into this life, this school, without a curriculum. Fortunately the cards reveal our lessons.

We all have people or external conditions that can bring up anger...Jefferson said that when he got angry he counted to ten and when he got very, very angry he counted to a hundred...I have tried to remember that, not always in time. One thing that has worked for me when I get upset or angry is to mumble to myself, "Soften the belly...soften the belly."

Whenever I sense toxic energies or psychic attacks around me I have a prayer/chant that clears it up...sometimes I burn sage as well when I say this prayer...let me share it with you:
       In the name of divine Love, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Knowledge, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Values, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Wisdom, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Creativity, action, principle and which we move and                have our being; in the name of the power, glory and grace of the living word....

           yod-he-vav-he   (substitute the name of your deity)

        May all evil and every thought inspired by evil be scattered and reduced to nothing...Amen...

Note: yod he vav he are the four letters of the Hebrew name of God.

If, as I stated before my summer escape,  worry is the absence of choice, how do we choose wisely? Lets take a look at our mental influences...
Anthropologist Margaret Mead, wrote of three kinds of societies and, naturally, various combinations of the three.

Those that look to the past for their answers..."Listen to your elders,"...  "The past is prelude to the future,"..."History repeats itself"...Religious writings...our parents and teachers...

Those that learn from the present...Contemporary influences...Guys from guys...gals from gals...tots from tots...teens from teens...Being alert and mindful (as I often suggest)...

Those that learn from the needs of the future...We learn from our young...When I was reluctant to go to college, my father said, " You better, or else you won't be able to talk to your kids." Science and mathematical probabilities indicate our need for preparedness and action...Our Health work and Wealth security.

The dangers of looking for answers and living in the past, like Theocracies and their subsequent dictatorships, or past dysfunctional experiences, lead to rigidity, fear of progress and, repression of the feminine and denial of feelings, the dehumanization of the "other"...Denial

Living in the now, being mindful is "where it's at"...sure...BUT the dangers of living in the now only lead to...hedonism, me-ism and all sorts of depersonalization, being unprepared, neglectful, and, again, denial...

Living for the future only...'I'll do it when I have time...when I retire", like those who invested and lost retirement and time...Dreams without action...Manana...and more denial.

It seems to me that a healthy respect for the past, (or making peace with it) and using what is relevant to present understanding and knowledge and with an eye to the needs of the future is an ongoing balancing act and combination of perspectives that aid in choices we need to make...

Samuel Champlain, the French seaman, explorer and founder of Quebec had no formal education, and yet, was a close friend and confidante of the French King...He was extremely smart in governing the part of Canada he ran. He said he used 'prevoyance', in other words, he looked to the needs of the future in dealing with native Canadians and the new settlers...We need politicians like that NOW!!!!!!!

That's Alfred Newman's motto in MAD Magazine, well... he's a toon and the Mag's a toot, an escape from reality by exposing popular banality. He is unaware of what confronts us daily. He is a fool. In fact, the Fool is a common character in many Spiritual tales. Nazradin in Sufi stories; the town of Chelm is full of fools in Yiddish tales...Nazradin and the fools of  Chelm are so unpredictably nonsensical that their actions and sayings become awakening wisdoms...Laughter can awaken, it can heal and it can shut down the worry for a time. The Jesters in the Courts of Europe could get away saying rough things to the seats of power without losing their heads. Our jesters on TV often point to truth that our major News sources fail to catch.

But...we live in worrisome times and we are often confronted by personal worries...Worry can linger and run around in a kind of circular thinking that runs around in our heads like a looped announcement...Unexamined worry can be as toxic as hate, anger, envy,etc...and block solutions and eat you up...

There are two ways to deal with worry, either there is nothing you can do about it or something can be done. If there is nothing you can do about it...nature acting up, a major sun flare, terrorism, the Economy...Accept your powerlessness, but secure your residence and car with food and water and things you need to survive for at least a month...In other words take is what you do that gets you beyond the worry...Oh, yes, the Economy, or absence thereof, it IS giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate what our most important needs are, to prioritize our needs, to examine our value system and our System's values...

If there is something that can be done, that is within your power  to do...why,worry ?
I always say,  "Worry is the absence of choice...worry is the absence of action."
So...if you find yourself in a worry fix, fix it by "doing an accounting"... on paper or PC and look at the asset and debit of each action that can solve the problem. See it in black and white...And take action. Be aware that one choice leads to others...

How do we choose? What guides our choices? Coming soon to your PC...

We sometimes torture ourselves over something we said or didn't say, something we've done or haven't done...STOP!....It is against the Law to torture your self or anyone else!

Funny. I recently remembered reading an article in the OP-ed page of the LA Times in 2000, towards the end of the year, by a University Professor who did a study of G.W.Bush's speech patterns and concluded by his expertise, that Bush was a Sadist..."Nice work Brownie..."

This is a non-denominational page, but here is my last Rabbi story:
Rabbi Zusia lay dying and his students surrounded him to give comfort and to hear what last wisdom's may be said...One student asked, " Rabbi, what do you fear most in the world to come, when you pass over?"
Zusia said, " That I may be asked, ' Why weren't you Zusia'."

So, be yourself, be who you are and be at peace with yourself. If you want to improve your self or your situation, the first thing is to accept who and where you are before you work 

An ancient Rabbi once said that there were 5 steps to wisdom...the first is Quiet...the second is Listen...the third is Learn...the fourth is Do!...the fifth is Teach ( Share, I guess )

I share this with you now, because we all live in difficult times, because we all need to make sense of things and because now-pay-later...he who has the most toys wins..."supporting built in obsolescence"...doesn't soothe the soul. It is a time for re-evaluating our value system. What is really important...
We don't take or allow ourselves enough quiet time...we don't harken to our still voice...we don't mull things over enough...we don't take action from our higher self enough...we don't share enough...Enough for now....

COMMENTALLEY  VIEW                                                                                                  
I remembered a line in the play/movie, " teahouse of the August moon", the houseboy looks at the audience and says that life can be very painful, "...but pain makes Man think...thought makes Man wise and wisdom makes life endurable."

Rummaging through the alley of my thoughts and research, I found a wonderful affirmation  that can be useful from time to time...

                                    I CHOOSE A NEW LIFE...
I forgive myself for all mistakes and confusions of the past. I wipe the slate clean and begin anew. The Perfect Power within expresses through me right thoughts and attitudes that produce right actions in my life...I choose a new life today... And so it is.                                                            

For affirmations to work there has to be an equal belief of mind and heart to other words, Science of Mind, as well as, Science of Heart. When thought and emotion agree affirmations can manifest...But...
We often think one thing, while feeling another way, while speaking, yet something else. We are often in conflict with ourselves even before we come in contact with others. So, how can there be Peace on Earth?

I have long believed that life is resolving a series of ambivalence...
In the film, "The Colonel and Me," with Danny Kaye and Curt Jurgens, two very different people meet in times of trouble. The Kaye character always solves problems by saying, " Well, there are two possibilities...Either things will improve or they won't...If things improve, why worry...If things don't improve, there are two possibilities...Either we can fix it or we can't...If we fix it, why worry, if we can't fix it, well,  there are two possibilities..."...and so on...

We can't be at Peace until we resolve our ambivalences, accept other points of view, fix our fixations and stop demonizing others' religious or political beliefs...


A saying, poem, lyric or book can sometimes shake your being and consciousness forever...the following one quaked me awake thirty years ago...

" If I am not for myself, who will be for me ?
  If I am for myself alone, what am I ?
  And if not now, when? "
                    Rabbi Hillel, circa 100 B.C.E.

When Hillel was asked to sum up the Bible's teaching, he responded, " What is distasteful to you, do not do to another."

Let me parse the above...
If I am not for myself...conservative...If I am for myself if not now...AMERICAN...

Several radio interviews ago on "COAST to COAST with George Noory", I wanted to point out something special and mystical about AMERICA that opened up a whole new unexpected topic.    
I mentioned that I pondered one day that if 11 & 22 are Master numbers in numerology, what about 111...222...333 ? I kept going, adding until I reached 1776...Wham! another conscious quake. But that isn't all, all those numbers from 111 to 1776 are divisible by 37...Bam! another Ahaaa...because in the system I  work with, July 4th has a 37 value...From a mystic point of view that's not coincidence, that is a meant to be.

George Noory then opened up a whole new aspect...he mentioned that he often sees the numbers 111 or 1111, I said I often see 444...that started callers mentioning seeing different combos of 3 and 4 like numbers...that started lots of questions on the meaning...An Angel communication? I say, yes. But what is the meaning of 111 as apposed to 1111. Numerology would say that 111 is "express yourself" or " choose your expressions wisely"  and 1111 would suggest " organize and build your expressions"....
But rummaging through the alley of my old research and study I found the following...

                                              YOUR ANGEL MESSAGE NUMBERS
111...Successful changes and communications
1111...Favorable long distance contacts.
222...Secure yourself.
2222...Reconcile differences.
333...Unity brings success.
3333...Progress is successful.
444...Reflect and internalize.
4444...A necessary journey.
555...Be determined.
5555...Regulate and bring order.
666...Sense urges need calming...
6666...Abundances needs care.
777...Overcome your limitations.
7777...Avoid intrigue, fraud & quarrels
888...Public work. Union.
8888...Involve yourself with many.
999...Hope springs Eternal.

No matter what religion or politics or beliefs we have, this lifetime is for personal refinement...           
 Watch my interview with George Noory.   The link, below, will get you there and you will have a 10 day  free trial for the site. Gaiam TV has many interviews with some of your favorite guests on CoasttoCoast AM with George, as well as many other ETV shows.
Enjoy this wonderful site.

         We end the month in a Heart/Art cycle. Passions run high, channel your emotions creatively, wisely. Learn about your feelings:What turns you on, what turns you off...and why. Good for creative and entertaining involvements. HIGHLY emotional. Often accompanied by fires or energy issues.
         Good tempo, don't rush things. Be mindful from the get go. AM needs extra effort and concentration. Take time with relationships. Good day to meet with an expert in their field. Evening delays.     Tip of the day: Love solves problems..
  Military and Peace Officers on alert: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.                              Earth moves.        .                             In the News:   Sadness in the News.  Fuel prices.   Trump loses it.    Space.

     Quick day, shifts and changes. Go over finances early.  Catch up with unfinished tasks and callbacks. Late afternoon is good for new tasks and contacts.. Good for health work.   Good for creative and entertaining activities. Care in evening transportation.  Volatile Marketplace.  Tip of the day: Stay positive.
    In the News:  Justice, or lack thereof.   Demonstrations.

WEDNESDAY,  SEPTEMBER 28,  2016                                                                                                                                                  Hurry&wait day. Analyze matters before taking action. Not a good day for legal commitments. Think before you speak, this day can have misunderstandings.   Highly emotional day. Care in  transportation. Volatile Marketplace.  Tip  of the day: Haste makes waste. 
  In the News:  Justice, or lack thereof.  Weather/Water.     Women in power.   Tech issues.   Land issues.   Sadness in the News.
   Slow, manage time well; don't give in to inertia...Tune into your intuition.  Take care of back burner, ongoing responsibilities. Handle long term financial matters.   Volatile Marketplace. Tip of the day: Take time for inspirations.
    IN the News: Labor issues.   Demonstrations.  Tech issues. 

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30,  2016   
   Restless, slow tempo. Some of Mondays's issues are revisited. Be mindful. First, take care of finances.  Extra care in transportation. Send out important messages. Finalize many things. Evening good for social and entertaining involvements.  Volatile Marketplace. Tip of the day:  Analyze feelings.
      In the News:    Labor.   Sadness in the News.

      We begin the month in a Liquidity cycle. Big focus on financial matters. A focus on our values and principles. Materialism issues. Often accompanied by a focus on systems: Economic, Tech, religious, health, etc. Often accompanied by Weather/Water/Liquid problems.
     Slow.  Focus on home and financial responsibilities.    Good day for bagain shopping.  Good for music and creative activities.   Catch up with friends and callbacks. Evening good for social and entertaining involvements.     Tip of the day: Make a list and choose wisely.
 In the News:  Talking Heads.   Announcement.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2,  2016                                                                                                                                                                    Restless. Be mindful all day. . Not good to shop.  Good for spiritual and religious focus. Many of the weeks' issues are revisited..  Evening entertainment looks good. Good for music. Busy Tech day.  Tip of the day: Correct matters.
In  the News: Sadness in the News.  Space. If you observe the Jewish New Year, have a sweet year.

I love terseness. Here are words and phrases I use In the News:
Earth moves: Earthquakes, volcanic activities, land slides, mine problems.
War/Crime day:When impulses,mostly male, rage with immaturity and the resulting aggression. One needs to deal with immature individuals.
Space: Astronomical planets, sun activity, NASA, UFOs.
Sadness in the News: Passing of someone famous, multiple deaths...Sometimes relates to personal disappointments.
Transportation: Accidents, delays, hassles...
Volatile Marketplace: Financial markets react emotionally, up or down. Personal shopping has to be handled wisely.
​Weather/Water: Weather problems, trouble on waterways, Piracy, plumbing problems  
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"The two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why."  Mark Twain.