Each person has a specific pathway that can only be defined and charted in a one-to-one consultation with a legitimate psychic or astrologer.  We have all experienced days when everyone seems to agree:  "Everything is slowing down today, I keep running into obstacles."  Or, "Things are moving so fast.  I can't keep up with all these new options."  This column will give you the pace of the day, objectives, ways to grow and things to avoid.

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 MONDAY,  AUGUST 14,  2017  
         We are in a Brain/Brawn cycle. Learn, gather and send info, tune into your intuition. Mind as you go. The negative energy is anger and argument. Good for sports and body building. Often accompanied by problems in and from the air.
    Restless, Hurry&Wait day. Be mindful in transportation and in general activities. Tune into your intuition, your quiet voice. Extra effort in the AM to get things done. Go over finances carefully, not a shopping day.. Good for creative work. Good for research. Don't sign papers today.  Worrisome Marketplace. Tip of the day: Analyze details.
 Military and Peace Officers on alert: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.                                            In the News:  Investigation.  Justice, or lack thereof.  Transportation.

TUESDAY,  AUGUST 15,  2017
    Slow.  Middle of the day needs extra focus and effort. Good for creative work. Send out important messages. Good for health work. Good for meetings. Learn more. Good for health work. Good for creative work.     Fearful Marketplace. Tip of the day: Be the adult in the room...
    In the News:   Announcement.  Explosion.   Health.  Transportation.  War/Crime day!

WEDNESDAY,  AUGUST 16,  2017    
   Slow, much to accomplish, much to learn.  Focus on  financial matters. Good for meetings with experts, boss.  Good for health work. Good for music, Art and entertainment. Focus your feelings for choices that need to be made. Good for real estate and Tech work. Care in evening transportation. Prudent Marketplace.  Tip of the day: Apply intuition to your feelings.  
  In the News: Weather/Water.    Justice, or lack thereof.   Tech issues.

THURSDAY,  AUGUST 17,  2017 
     Rapid day. Extra focus and effort in the A.M.  Be mindful at all times. Highly emotional and sensitive day. Good to meet. Work on relationships. Afternoon is good for new projects and contacts. Build, fix and organize things and plans. Impulsive Marketplace.   Tip of the day: Be Universal in your outlook, stay positive.
 In the News: Talking Heads galore!.   Sadness in the News.  Space.   

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 2017  
      Hurry&Wait day.  Go over finances. Take care of important tasks. Exchange and gather knowledge.   Fast moving business in the P.M. Good for healing work... Good to organize and plan.  Cautious Marketplace. Tip of the day: Endings bring new beginnings.
  In the News: Demonstrations.  Investigations.  Sadness in the News. 
    Hurry&Wait day. Good stay at home day. Not good for shopping.  Care in transportation.   Avoid legal commitments, don't sign today. Can be argumentative day. Learn.Tip of the day: Analyze calmly
    In the News: Tech issues.  Justice, or lack thereof.  Health.  

SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 2017                                                                                                                                               Slow, manage time well. Focus on friends and family.   OK to shop, but don't be hard sold. Good for Tech work. Good for creative involvements, music and art.       Tip of the day: Intuit. 
In  the News:   Music Biz.  Justice, or lack thereof..

I love terseness. Here are words and phrases I use In the News:e finish
Earth moves: Earthquakes, volcanic activities, land slides, mine problems.
War/Crime day:When impulses,mostly male, rage with immaturity and the resulting aggression. One needs to deal with immature individuals.
Space: Astronomical planets, sun activity, NASA, UFOs.
Sadness in the News: Passing of someone famous, multiple deaths...Sometimes relates to personal disappointments.
Transportation: Accidents, delays, hassles...
Volatile Marketplace: Financial markets react emotionally, up or down. Personal shopping has to be handled wisely.
​Weather/Water:   Weather problems, trouble on waterways, Piracy, plumbing problems  
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"The two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why."  Mark Twain.
 .I predict heavy disasters and Karma in the next two and a half years for America.  I  am shrouded in black. I am in mourning for my country.

 “Those who cannot remember History are condemned to repeat it.” Santayna
“History repeats itself.” A Proverb
“History is bunk.” Henry Ford
“Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” Joe Friday

We know that the worst economic crashes in the last hundred and fifty years happened during Republican administrations of Hoover and George W. Bush. We know that we have a boom/bust economy. So I was curious to look back and read who was in charge during other busts.  My sources were a 2009 World Almanac and "The People's Chronology ", by James Trager.

 Republican Pres. U.S.Grant…1869 Wall Street “Black Friday” ruins small investors and gold speculation destroys half of the banks and businesses in New York.

1873…”Congressional investigating committee states that the country is becoming filled with gigantic corporations commanding great influence and power in state legislatures and the Nation. (Lincoln warned the same during his time in office.) September, another “Black Friday”, causes 5,000 businesses to fail, millions of workers depend on soup kitchens, tens of thousands close to starvation. 10,500 businesses fail by 1878.

Republican Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes…1879…Economist Henry George states that while the Country is getting richer and richer, most Americans are getting poorer and poorer.

Republican. Pres. Benjamin Harrison.…1890…Wall Street Panic. 1892 Economic depression starts, leading to Market collapse. 600 banks close, 15,000 businesses fail… It lasts 4 years.

Republican. Pres. Teddy Roosevelt…1901…Wall Street Panic…1907 Economic Crisis. 1908…Banks close as depression continues.

Republican. Pres.Warren Harding…1921…20,000 businesses fail. 3.5 million out of work. 

Republican. Pres. Calvin Coolidge…1923… business improves until 1929…So far the only good economy under a Republican.

Republican. Pres Herbert Hoover…1929… Depression starts, banks close, unemployment increases and it gets worse year by year, 15 million by the time Dem. Pres. F.D.R. comes into office and comes to the aid of the working class with safeguards that have served the American people for decades. Safeguards Republicans would like to do away with for decades.

Republican. Pres. D.D.Eisenhower…1958…Economic recession, great unemployment, 20% of Americans below the poverty line.

Democratic. Pres. Lyndon Johnson…1968…U.S. Economy and mergers boom and continue until 1971 when Rep. Pres. Nixon begins various bad economic policies.

Republican. Pres. Richard M. Nixon… Reckless Savings&Loan deals cost tax payers $150 Billion. 1984…Continental Illinois Bank avoids failure with a $4.5 billion federal loan guarantee. Biggest run on bank since 1929 threatens a chain reaction of bank closings. Public confidence in banks declines. Collapse of oil prices affects Texas and Oklahoma banks and savings institutions, Ohio bank fails causing run on other banks. 70 Thrifts are closed in panic. Federal regulators take over a Beverly Hills Savings&Loan due to deregulation signed by Reagan and budget cuts that reduced regulators. 1985…U.S. debt tops 2 trillion, up I trillion since 1981, weakening dollar. National debt triples by 1988 under Reagan. High trade deficit and budget deficit. 1988 S&L losses $13.44 billion.

Republican. Pres. George H.W.Bush…1989 Bails out S&Ls at tax payers expense. Commercial banks are jeopardized. Dow Jones Industrials drops 190.58 in October. 1990. “Read my lips, no new taxes.” $160 billion budget deficit. Supply side economics of Reagan years has piled up huge debt, while creating a false boom. Country goes into recession. Bush lost reelection: “It’s the Economy,stupid.”)

Democratic. Pres Bill Clinton…Reduces National debt by $500 billion and creates a boom economy.

Republican. Pres Georg W. Bush… Briefly, increases debt and causes worst crash since 1929.

Democratic. Pres Barak H. Obama, saves the economy from disaster.

It seems that Republicans are bad for business and Democrats are good for business and workers. Conservatives(Cons) versus Progressives(Pros) Pros are better than Cons. For a healthy Economy.
I don’t remember who said:” I can’t wait for the Democrats to get into office so that I can live like a Republican, again.”  Even Trump has said that the Economy is better under Democrats.

Tweet,tweet: Here come the Hawks.
Tweet,tweet: Gone are the doves.
Tweet,tweet: Duck reality.
Tweet, tweet: Robin the poor.
Tweet,tweet: Vultures of safeguards.
Tweet,tweet: Ill eagle corruption.
Tweet, tweet: Grabber of tits.
Tweet,tweet: Supported by cuckoos.
Tweet,tweet: Fowl years ahead.
Tweet,tweet: An administration for the birds.
Tweet, tweet: Jim Crow is back.
Tweet,tweet: We will have an economy that will turkey.

What a gaggle of geese: “Gene” Kellyanne Con. Sure tap dances around questions and issues. She sounds like Tweetybird talking to preschoolers. Then there’s Steve Banban, formerly of Blightbarf Noose. He’s the rump in Trump. And Trump has been grating America for years. I think he initially ran to save his businesses. Spicer, who couldn't seem nicer kept back peddling answers until he was left behind. Spicer kept using the phrase: "At the end of the day." I noticed that all talking heads started using that phrase. That consciousness seems to be a psychic foreboding of things to come.

Woody Guthrie, who lived in Queens, N.Y. wrote a song about his terrible landlord, Fred Trump. I heard that from Arlo at an interview. 

 Both Bush presidents were late responding to hurricanes. No FEMA head as of July 2017. Where do you live?

  The first action by the Con controlled Congress was to try to get rid of The Congressional Ethics Office. Leading to questionable confirmations. Ethics gets lost in laissez faire.  They want to get rid of Consumer protection,too.

  Laissez faire, unregulated business is bound to have the same dangers as a city without cops…like a Wild West movie, where the town’s rich guy owns most of the town, the sheriff and the Judge. Allowing for greater corruption, fraud, dangerous products, various harms to workers and consumers. Things don’t go better with Koch. There are no safety nets in the Con Circus, just a bunch of clowns who keep botching up the works. If the public has a low opinion of the politics of inaction and politicians, one can clearly point to the Republican Party since Reagan. 
Republican Governor of Kansas legislating Con principles, cutting taxes, brought the Kansas economy down on its knees. Do we want that to happen to the U.S.? That's the problem with Ideology (Limited government ) vs. Reality ( The welfare of the citizens )

I am guided by a quote from Hillel and add my parenthetical comment:
"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? (Cons)
If I am only for myself, what am I? (Pros)
And if not now, when? (Americans)

The Koch brothers had a meeting with judges from all over the U.S. Was Gorsuch there?

  Newt Gingrich, when he was Speaker of the House, handed out a list of 40 or more words to use to demean and ridicule Liberals. What are the words we can use to expose and devalue Cons? Obstructionists, Heartless, Constipoidal, Rigid, Discriminatory, Know Nothings………………………..Easy liars.

If a man accuses all others of lying and keeps accusing others of lying, shouldn’t we be pretty clear on who is the liar. “If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect or esteem. It is true that you may fool some of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.” Abe Lincoln. But the Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln. Not when it comes to voting rights or Justice to the Afro-American community. Never mind health, education, women’s health and safety nets. Nor are they inclusive. They are stuck in nineteenth century Originalism that doesn’t deal with the present or plan for the future world realities.
“Fake Media?” The Media gave Trump unending coverage due to his tactless remarks. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Of course the Media will cast a light on his lies. Fake President!
When the centrist Media is accused of slanting the news, why not point to government hating AM talk jocks and their conspiracy theories and fear mongering. Back to History: In the 1930s Big biz execs sat at a round table to discuss how strike breaking, the use of violence against workers wasn’t working and hurting their corporate reputations. Someone who was doing business with Nazi Germany, brought up Propaganda Minister Goebbels and how he uses the radio waves to brainwash the people…”You keep repeating a lie until people begin to believe it.” With deregulation in the 80s Con networks were formed on AM radio to discredit and make Government fearful, evil…” Government isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.” Reagan would stress as he doubled the public debt.  

  “A Dictatorship is a lazy Democracy.” My Public High School history teacher.
​   How do we  reach the 54% of eligible voters who didn’t vote and the folks who vote against their best interests. We need some civics education and talk about what the Constitution means by tranquility, justice and welfare. Those are not Cons concerns. The dumbing of America has to be countered. Let us keep proving the best of the Pros and discounting the Cons cons. How do you assuage the trumped up fear and brain washing that’s been going unanswered? How do we counter hate and fear of the Government?

Connect the dots…Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson, worked out a half trillion dollar oil deal with Putin and now he’s Sec. of State( with the urging of Jim Baker and Candy Rice, who do they lobby for?). Obama put a sanction on that deal after the Russian crimes in Crimea and Ukraine. Trump had advisors who worked with or had Russian contacts. The Russian interference of the election was a trade worth billions to who, Trump, Sessions, Manaford? Who owns Exxon stocks? That’s $500,000,000,000. Follow the money…I predict that if Trump doesn't give the Russians what they expect they will expose him before the F.B.I. does.

If you owned a business, would you hire someone who hated it? Who planned to dismantle it and cripple it? Businesses fail, Governments can’t afford to.

Tense about Pense, he is Con squared. He would be even worse. He's a Koch puppet.

If you don’t believe in science, sigh. If you don’t support our culture and the Arts, Ugh! If your greed ignores need, barf! 

   Cons will always change the subject and constantly and loudly interrupt any question or statement that sheds bad light on one of their issues...AND Pros, in their sence of fairness, let them. 

The House passed a health bill that sounds like it was written by the insurance and drug lobbies. Health does not belong in the marketplace. It is part of the welfare stressed in the Constitution. More  hypocrisy  than Hippocratic ethics, even more, considering that several Con legislators were doctors! Cons hate entitlements. God asked us to heal the sick, care for the widowed and help the poor, but Cons follow Ayn Rand rather than God. If charities can't handle it all, if the states don't, then it has to be picked up by the Federal Government or we become a second World nation. 

Let’s stop talking about Gun “Control.” Let’s talk about gun regulations. “Control” scares those who have been brainwashed and fearful of government. If we had an epidemic that was killing 10,000 people most governments would go into action. We have an epidemic that killed 33,000 people in 2016. It is a blemish on the American psyche and soul.

 Pro Choice vs. Pro Life. 
"God breathed into Adam and Adam became a living soul." Makes it perfectly clear that life begins with breath, when the God's soul enters the body. AND...In Numbers 11:11 God speaks to Moses and tells him about an abortion procedure if a man believes that his wife is  pregnant by another man.  (If you read that, where it says that..."if her thigh falls off..." The thigh is a Biblical euphemism for the genitals.) Is not a woman's heath and well being  as important as a soulless embryo?   The religious right votes on this issue with the Cons. What about the abortion of the environment...God's creation for all of us?

 In numerology each letter in the alphabet has a number:
     a b c d e F g h i
      j k l m n O p q r
      s t u v w X y z         FOX = 666   It has given us a leader who promises great things and turns out to be the antichrist.
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


                                       9-11-2015...An act of God
As always, American security was on alert on 9-11-2015. Fortune had it that the only disaster happened in Mecca. A huge construction crane crashed onto the Mosque, killing over a hundred and seriously injuring over 300. It was a ten second News item. None of the reporters mentioned that the Mosque was built by Osama bin Laden's father.

    Saw an AD in a Tech Magazine a few years ago, don't remember the product, but it was prophetic...WW I
                   WW II

     We are living in a time when physics is confirming what ancient Metaphysical precepts knew. Science and religion seem to agree more. Let me add some of my own observations:
  The Big Bang Theory...The Hebrew Bible states that..."darkness was upon the face of the deep...And God said 'Let there be light'. And there was light"
Evolution..."Rebecca conceived...there were twins in her womb. And the first came forth ruddy, all over like a hairy mantle..." (that was Esau, a hunter)...And Jacob was a quiet man and dwelling in tents" (civilized). Humanity moved from crude,impulsive hunter to smart, spiritual Sheppard.
E=MC(squared)...My take is the...
  Eternal, Enlightened, Evolutionary, Enabling, Energy = Mass Creativity Scudded

By the way, the word assassin is of Arabic derivation.

A client knocked me out with a comment I want to share: "You've gotta get out of the box to see the instructions."
Yup, we are born into this life, this school, without a curriculum. Fortunately the cards reveal our lessons.

We all have people or external conditions that can bring up anger...Jefferson said that when he got angry he counted to ten and when he got very, very angry he counted to a hundred...I have tried to remember that, not always in time. One thing that has worked for me when I get upset or angry is to mumble to myself, "Soften the belly...soften the belly."

Whenever I sense toxic energies or psychic attacks around me I have a prayer/chant that clears it up...sometimes I burn sage as well when I say this prayer...let me share it with you:
       In the name of divine Love, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Knowledge, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Values, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Wisdom, unalterable and eternal.
       In the name of divine Creativity, action, principle and which we move and                have our being; in the name of the power, glory and grace of the living word....

           yod-he-vav-he   (substitute the name of your deity)

        May all evil and every thought inspired by evil be scattered and reduced to nothing...Amen...

Note: yod he vav he are the four letters of the Hebrew name of God.

If, as I stated before my summer escape,  worry is the absence of choice, how do we choose wisely? Lets take a look at our mental influences...
Anthropologist Margaret Mead, wrote of three kinds of societies and, naturally, various combinations of the three.

Those that look to the past for their answers..."Listen to your elders,"...  "The past is prelude to the future,"..."History repeats itself"...Religious writings...our parents and teachers...

Those that learn from the present...Contemporary influences...Guys from guys...gals from gals...tots from tots...teens from teens...Being alert and mindful (as I often suggest)...

Those that learn from the needs of the future...We learn from our young...When I was reluctant to go to college, my father said, " You better, or else you won't be able to talk to your kids." Science and mathematical probabilities indicate our need for preparedness and action...Our Health work and Wealth security.

The dangers of looking for answers and living in the past, like Theocracies and their subsequent dictatorships, or past dysfunctional experiences, lead to rigidity, fear of progress and, repression of the feminine and denial of feelings, the dehumanization of the "other"...Denial

Living in the now, being mindful is "where it's at"...sure...BUT the dangers of living in the now only lead to...hedonism, me-ism and all sorts of depersonalization, being unprepared, neglectful, and, again, denial...

Living for the future only...'I'll do it when I have time...when I retire", like those who invested and lost retirement and time...Dreams without action...Manana...and more denial.

It seems to me that a healthy respect for the past, (or making peace with it) and using what is relevant to present understanding and knowledge and with an eye to the needs of the future is an ongoing balancing act and combination of perspectives that aid in choices we need to make...

Samuel Champlain, the French seaman, explorer and founder of Quebec had no formal education, and yet, was a close friend and confidante of the French King...He was extremely smart in governing the part of Canada he ran. He said he used 'prevoyance', in other words, he looked to the needs of the future in dealing with native Canadians and the new settlers...We need politicians like that NOW!!!!!!!

But...we live in worrisome times and we are often confronted by personal worries...Worry can linger and run around in a kind of circular thinking that runs around in our heads like a looped announcement...Unexamined worry can be as toxic as hate, anger, envy,etc...and block solutions and eat you up...

There are two ways to deal with worry, either there is nothing you can do about it or something can be done. If there is nothing you can do about it...nature acting up, a major sun flare, terrorism, the Economy...Accept your powerlessness, but secure your residence and car with food and water and things you need to survive for at least a month...In other words take is what you do that gets you beyond the worry...Oh, yes, the Economy, or absence thereof, it IS giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate what our most important needs are, to prioritize our needs, to examine our value system and our System's values...

If there is something that can be done, that is within your power  to do...why,worry ?
I always say,  "Worry is the absence of choice...worry is the absence of action."
So...if you find yourself in a worry fix, fix it by "doing an accounting"... on paper or PC and look at the asset and debit of each action that can solve the problem. See it in black and white...And take action. Be aware that one choice leads to others...

How do we choose? What guides our choices? Coming soon to your PC...

We sometimes torture ourselves over something we said or didn't say, something we've done or haven't done...STOP!....It is against the Law to torture your self or anyone else!

This is a non-denominational page, but here is my last Rabbi story:
Rabbi Zusia lay dying and his students surrounded him to give comfort and to hear what last wisdom's may be said...One student asked, " Rabbi, what do you fear most in the world to come, when you pass over?"
Zusia said, " That I may be asked, ' Why weren't you Zusia'."

So, be yourself, be who you are and be at peace with yourself. If you want to improve your self or your situation, the first thing is to accept who and where you are before you work 

An ancient Rabbi once said that there were 5 steps to wisdom...the first is Quiet...the second is Listen...the third is Learn...the fourth is Do!...the fifth is Teach ( Share, I guess )

I share this with you now, because we all live in difficult times, because we all need to make sense of things and because now-pay-later...he who has the most toys wins  doesn't soothe the soul. It is a time for re-evaluating our value system. What is really important...
We don't take or allow ourselves enough quiet time...we don't harken to our still voice...we don't mull things over enough...we don't take action from our higher self enough...we don't share enough...Enough for now....

I remembered a line in the play/movie, "Teahouse of the August moon", the houseboy looks at the audience and says that life can be very painful, "...but pain makes Man think...thought makes Man wise and wisdom makes life endurable."

Rummaging through the alley of my thoughts and research, I found a wonderful affirmation  that can be useful from time to time...

                                    I CHOOSE A NEW LIFE...
I forgive myself for all mistakes and confusions of the past. I wipe the slate clean and begin anew. The Perfect Power within expresses through me right thoughts and attitudes that produce right actions in my life...I choose a new life today... And so it is.                                                            

For affirmations to work there has to be an equal belief of mind and heart to other words, Science of Mind, as well as, Science of Heart. When thought and emotion agree affirmations can manifest...But...
We often think one thing, while feeling another way, while speaking, yet something else. We are often in conflict with ourselves even before we come in contact with others. So, how can there be Peace on Earth?

I have long believed that life is resolving a series of ambivalence...
In the film, "The Colonel and Me," with Danny Kaye and Curt Jurgens, two very different people meet in times of trouble. The Kaye character always solves problems by saying, " Well, there are two possibilities...Either things will improve or they won't...If things improve, why worry...If things don't improve, there are two possibilities...Either we can fix it or we can't...If we fix it, why worry, if we can't fix it, well,  there are two possibilities..."...and so on...

We can't be at Peace until we resolve our ambivalences, accept other points of view, fix our fixations and stop demonizing others' religious or political beliefs...


A saying, poem, lyric or book can sometimes shake your being and consciousness forever...the following one quaked me awake thirty years ago...

" If I am not for myself, who will be for me ?
  If I am for myself alone, what am I ?
  And if not now, when? "
                    Rabbi Hillel, circa 100 B.C.E.

When Hillel was asked to sum up the Bible's teaching, he responded, " What is distasteful to you, do not do to another."

Let me parse the above...
If I am not for myself...conservative...If I am for myself if not now...AMERICAN...

Several radio interviews ago on "COAST to COAST with George Noory", I wanted to point out something special and mystical about AMERICA that opened up a whole new unexpected topic.    
I mentioned that I pondered one day that if 11 & 22 are Master numbers in numerology, what about 111...222...333 ? I kept going, adding until I reached 1776...Wham! another conscious quake. But that isn't all, all those numbers from 111 to 1776 are divisible by 37...Bam! another Ahaaa...because in the system I  work with, July 4th has a 37 value...From a mystic point of view that's not coincidence, that is a meant to be.

George Noory then opened up a whole new aspect...he mentioned that he often sees the numbers 111 or 1111, I said I often see 444...that started callers mentioning seeing different combos of 3 and 4 like numbers...that started lots of questions on the meaning...An Angel communication? I say, yes. But what is the meaning of 111 as apposed to 1111. Numerology would say that 111 is "express yourself" or " choose your expressions wisely"  and 1111 would suggest " organize and build your expressions"....
But rummaging through the alley of my old research and study I found the following...

                                              YOUR ANGEL MESSAGE NUMBERS
111...Successful changes and communications
1111...Favorable long distance contacts.
222...Secure yourself.
2222...Reconcile differences.
333...Unity brings success.
3333...Progress is successful.
444...Reflect and internalize.
4444...A necessary journey.
555...Be determined.
5555...Regulate and bring order.
666...Sense urges need calming...
6666...Abundances needs care.
777...Overcome your limitations.
7777...Avoid intrigue, fraud & quarrels
888...Public work. Union.
8888...Involve yourself with many.
999...Hope springs Eternal.

No matter what religion or politics or beliefs we have, this lifetime is for personal refinement...